Writing Optical Media on Linux

November 24, 2020
November 24, 2020
a picture of a CD recordable sticking out of a MacBook Pro by Chris Yates, courtesy Unsplash Chris Yates I used a Matshita UJ-272 and Maxell DVD-R to complete this tutorial on an HP Notebook 14-a082nr. Your results may vary. Seek your manufacturer's documentation to discover what your optical drive is capable of.
Linux doesn't appear to come with DVD burning software on its own. Based on this suggestion from Linux Mint forums, I decided to install "K3B". It's searchable from Synaptic Package Manager if you want to install if from there. Once you do, you must restart your PC.
After you've restarted, right click the DVD volume icon on your desktop, select "Open With" and select "k3b" from the resulting menu. Once you have, this window appears.
a screenshot of the K3B startup dialog Locate the media you wish to include in the medium using the built in file explorer. I decided to burn my Linux Mint Debian Edition ISO to a DVD since I still use DVD drives and wanted to dedicate my USB and SD media to Timeshift, which we'll go over in another story.
Double-click the ISO, and another menu will show up. You'll see the path to the ISO on the left, what was discovered about it just below, and the Burn Medium selection. If you have more than one optical drive, all of them will be listed in this drop down. Click "Start" to begin.
a screenshot of the ISO selection dialog in K3B It took about 34 minutes for the DVD writer to finish. A single layer DVD is typically 4.7 GB in size, and because I was using a Blu-Ray burner, this took longer than it would have had I used the HP DVD-RAM GU70N, which was my prior DVD burner before I sent it packing to the Saratoga Springs Best Buy. I tested the newly minted (no pun intended), bootable actual Live CD on another DVD drive in my living room, the PLDS DVD-ROM DH-16DSS.

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