Why The Lewd Face?

January 20, 2020
July 28, 2020
a picture of a 69 on the sidewalk by Shane, courtesy Unsplash The Internet is a big place. I browse for research on how to make sites like the one you're currently viewing, to exceed the mandate of my course work by researching how to better my current work, and to access information that helps me be better involved in civil society. When I'm not doing any of those things, I need occasional release in a way that reflects what I've been taught, depicted in a way that reinforces that thought. Enter the world of Yiff and Yaoi. A collective of artists, storyboard writers and questionable fetishists. If you think I'm going to wait for a partner for release you're kidding yourself.
Why did you join e621?
I joined e621 as a contributor because the site is an excellent resource for both SFW and NSFW content for all kinds of story and fetish plots. I also joined so that I could better filter the results, which is easier if you have a saved account. The site is not just for furry porn. There are engaging, thoughtful SFW stories on site, too, and an immense fan base from every anime and cartoon series imaginable.
Tags are detailed and intellectually stimulating, from artist to character to story arc to species to perspectives and even turns of phrase (such as visual_puns). You are not allowed to publicly disclose or discuss your fetishes. It can get you banned. Worse, being downvoted below threshold will make your comments vanish. e621 complies with takedown requests if art wasn't permitted on the site by the artist. As a commitment to what I was taught with regards to consent (and to avoid fetishes I object to), I blacklist the following content from all search results:
There is no place in my thought process for any of the above listed content. I try to provide witty, pun-laced comments, which ARE encouraged on e621 and fetch the most upvotes. So in a way, intelligence is valued here, and if you don't like what you see, you don't have to visit.
Why did you join Yaoi Haven Reborn?
I am currently not a user on the site. I was only a member to their Discord server. I joined their Discord server in late 2017 (not long after I joined the Fediverse), but I left on July 28, 2020, in anticipation of my Nitro expiration and other events in my life. Discord's policy prohibits cub and shota, and the community's apprehensive position toward futanari was another draw at the time. I am not member to their Telegram chat, which is banned on iOS devices, and allows the above content. I just don't see the appeal in it. It's our responsibility as adults to not foolishly replicate what we see in a fictional scenario unto a real life one. Organs may not exist in the Furverse, but they do in ours. All art I share is credited with artist information and background information (in case users don't recognize characters right away). If you can afford to, please support the artist as a show of appreciation of their work.
Why do you have a FlavaWorks account?
Easier if I poach the porn like everyone else? Like sports, this is an industry that's incumbent on your physical prowess. Once that's gone, so is your career. Don't act like you don't see the value theft in College sports. I differentiate between this line of work, which is voluntary (that I know of), and prostitution, which is not (and something people are tricked into). Takedown requests are often made in an effort to protect intellectual property from being stolen across any industry. The process, however, can be weaponized and I've noticed that some sites that cover this topic extensively have been at the mercy of relentless DDoS attacks.
Say what you will, but the participants in the professional porn industry have bills to pay and mouths to feed of their own. The career options for those with records is limited, and sometimes, rather than keep hearing no for an answer, they turn to this. Many people who were laid off work joined OnlyFans because they were in a desperate position. My return to the Capital Region was a mix of inspiration and desperation. Instead of shaming me for forking money over, consider the social shortcomings that drive us to this behavior and address the underlying causes. Only then can this world (and sometimes even myself) can stop giving glowing adoration to psychopaths.
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