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March 24, 2020
April 11, 2015
a hand holding up a casette tape by Tobias Tullius, courtesy Unsplash Tobias Tullius In 2015, my voicemail inbox was deluged by blank three-minute messages, which ultimately filled my inbox. Most inboxes can handle up to sixty minutes of voicemail audio. Most carriers cut you off after three minutes. To allay bots, most carriers also cut off the mic if there's no audio for five seconds or more. These are carrier-induced constraints, and they're beyond my control. They did help me keep up and allowed me to clear my inbox so legitimate entities who were actually concerned for me could leave messages of their own.
I do not allow numbers not registered in my contact book or prefix whitelist to connect. There are no exceptions for this rule. If I make exceptions, it weakens the security of my line. Legitimate entities have allowed their numbers to be spoofed, resulting in fraud costing businesses and customers alike billions of dollars in lost money and revenue. Unfortunately, some businesses are in the business of keeping DID topology in its current insecured state.
Last November, a fraudster used my DID to harass a resident in New Rochelle, NY by calling him seven times over the course of six hours. He did leave a message, audibly frustrated as he was. I immediately called him back and left a message, clarifying that it's possible someone spoofed my number and used it to harass him. He accepted my apology. I'm glad I could put him at ease.
If you choose to leave a message, please leave a DID for me to call back with. If you are not sure what your number looks like when you call out, consider calling your home phone and leaving a message with it. Usually, organizations buy by the prefix and I can whitelist entire blocks to ensure you get through if you don't know what your suffix will look like. This is the only remediation I will offer if you feel you were unfairly sent to voicemail. This is a user-induced constraint.
Your voicemail messages will be archived. If you call any number under my control, you will be forwarded to a central voicemail system each time. This forwarding is "conditional". If you leave a message, I will be notified via email, a stutter tone, and an LED pattern on my receiver if I'm at home. Thank you for understanding, and don't forget to leave a message. Alternatively, you can text me, too. Otherwise I will not return your call.

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