The Lighting Thief

March 3, 2020
~ May 2002
a picture of a row of red paper lanterns by Lauza Loistl, courtesy Unsplash I seem to focus a lot on the faults of others, especially when I talk about Bradish Cottage. I was no saint, and perenially deserved the book thrown at me. One of the things I recall doing in the Spring of 2002 (after I was outed) was being given permission to go upstairs to retrieve something of mine, but in reality, I was using it to retrieve something that was NOT mine, and I paid the price for it.
I asked [#a2l77h] to go upstairs so I could use the restroom and retrieve a spare controller so we could make use of the multitap that [#p9r91i] brought from home so we could play splitscreen. I did go upstairs to use the restroom, but rather than go to my room to retrieve the controller, I had my eyes set on a prismatic night light cover that new arrival [#p3k91c] had in his room. For some reason that year, I was drawn in to shiny things.
Realizing too much time had elapsed between what I said I was going to do, [#a2l77h] checked on me and found me with the night light cover in my hand. I was in trouble. He eventually forwarded the concern to [#a2l68m], who recommended I forfeit some of my property items. I was forced to forfeit a Game Boy Advance and one of my Timex Kids watches (the purple one with the dot matrix display). Given the irritation I was causing the staff after the fallout from this past January, I was in for more forfeitures.
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