The Johnson-Vile Brat

January 4, 2020
Summer - Fall 2002
 a picture of a swimming pool and divider by Vendela Larson, courtesy Unsplash. Vendela Larson You'd think I learned from my mistakes after being humiliated like I was four months earlier. Nope. I dug a deeper grave for myself after abusing [#p8m93b]. I probably should have taken [#a2a80s] more seriously. Even though I reviled her, she was right about everything. Contrary to the title, I am the brat here.
In the three weeks prior to Bradish Cottage's dissolution, I caused havoc for others. Word of my orientation spread, and I was ridiculed for it all over campus. It ensured I had no outlet even outside of Bradish. So I resorted to forcefulness as a way to satisfy my cravings. This attitude led to the abuse of one [#p8m93b]. It took place in the Rec Center at or around 1 in the afternoon. In the changing room, I made an advance on him. Even though his body language suggested someone who was uncomfortable with what I was doing, I was selfish and ignored those warning signs. I grabbed his derriere multiple times as he tried to change and got uncomfortably close to him. I then backed away as others filed into the space.
Once others filed out of the space, I proceeded to violate [#p8m93b] again. The conduct continued in the pool while the pool monitor was on the 9-foot end of the pool. I completely ignored the lesson I had originally came for out of an obsession for sex, and it cost me something that extended beyond this moment. [#p8m93b] informed the monitor of my actions at the top of the hour, and I was asked to leave. I was subsequently banned from the pool going forward (except for academic sessions). My carelessness during this incident is partly the reason I never quite learned how to swim, and I see it as righteous karma, especially since he fled to the deeper end of the pool where he knew I couldn't pursue him.
I immediately got flack from several of his family members, three of whom were peers on campus, two of whom were my neighbors in Scholes Cottage. They weren't happy with me and made their distaste known. While they did not violently retaliate at that moment, they told me they would stand by should I be subject to harm by their dormmates going forward. For context, every month, when I was the only one who did not go on home visits, instead of leaving me in the cottage, they would send me next door, where I was picked on. [#p2m08j] and [#p1j07w] would have defended me otherwise, but after violating their cousin, I effectively became the very thing I sought protection from.
Unfortunately, me and two of my peers were set to be transferred into the same cottage as [#p8m93b], and my antics in the following weeks (like stealing that shiny night light cover) only put the staff on edge. I remember a conversation I had with [#a2a80s] in the kitchen during our last week as a cottage. She said that I was being set up for failure by being transferred to a cottage with the same person I had abused weeks earlier. Turns out she was the one I probably shouldn't have pushed away, because she was right.
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