The Tanglewood Take

June 21, 2020
Spring 2006
a picture of a sunset glare pitted between two branches by Dylan Cheng, courtesy Unsplash I've published several stories about how jumping the gun has led to unintended consequences by far. This story focuses on an outing we made to Tanglewood during my first Capital Region residency. The trip lead was [#a0p42r], and I was accompanied by [#p3h91n] and [#p4j90s], who also took photos for the Highpoint Photo Club at the time. We headed out sometime after 11 AM in the company van to take photos in several locations in Tanglewood. We timed the trip to coincide with the better weather so we could take nicer shots.
During the trip, I was asked to prepare the cameras, two Kodak 5 MP units, by adding AA batteries, making sure there was enough memory and that the wrist straps were properly attached. Once that was done, I took turns with [#a0p42r], and I was accompanied by [#p3h91n] and [#p4j90s] taking photos. We took great sky shots, stumbled upon cooperative fowl (rare), and found some interestingly shaped trees.
Shortly after we took those photos, our camera complained that we were running out of space. I asked [#a0p42r] if I could switch the photos over to the external memory card we brought along. She said yes. I went over to the settings, and proceeded to switch the source to the SD card, where we'd have more room to take photos. However, a second dialog that I did not understand popped up, and I said yes to it without a second thought. It wasn't until we were at the pier taking photos that I realized that I had unintentionally deleted all the photos in internal memory.
The group was furious with me. There are some moments you can't recreate, and I wiped them out. I was upset, too, because I really admired the photos taken and although I didn't admit it then, competing was a great way for me to do better each time I went out on such trips. After this guffaw, however, that wouldn't happen until I got the chance to take photos at Monument Mountain later that summer. That incident forms the basis of why I try to read service agreements more thoroughly, because you never know what's going to happen when you click that 🆗 button.
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