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July 21, 2020
Summer 2014
a picture of a backlit keyboard by Nhu Nguyen, courtesy Unsplash Nhu Nguyen About one year after I had gotten SKYVALE from the Hartsdale Best Buy, I had become a very lazy person and adopted a number of unhealthy habits. One of those was eating too close to electronic devices, or being careless with them. I didn't scrutinize the choices I made well enough back then. I was chided by [#a3r64c], who (correctly) asserted that Boost Mobile was a bad choice. When I initially switched to T-Mobile the previous August, people laughed at me harder. At the time, T-Mobile was the No. 4 carrier in the US.
I was eating a tub of Foodtown Strawberry yogurt way too close to my keyboard, and when my phone rang, I didn't place the tub down before attempting to reach for my phone and I spilled it all over my keyboard. I was upset, and decided to look into having it repaired. I wanted to replace it myself, but I didn't do the research needed, nor did I really have the confidence.
A trip was then arranged to an Ardsley repair shop with [#a3b62d], where we had a $150 quote. We split the quote between us. I later discovered the quote was higher because we were also being charged for the part, even though I had ordered the part already. I was told the part was incorrect, but then the F key didn't work on the part given to them. This is why I insist on having the part on hand before repairs commence. If a repair shop throws hurdles anyway, they lose my business.
My laptop was in the shop for a few days. When it was finally fixed, I was grateful and decided to do some research on how to better service my own devices. As someone who was passionate about electronics, I found it was foolish that I couldn't figure them out when the moment mattered most and it made me feel inferior. This is when I stumbled upon iFixIt, for which I have a profile to this day.
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