The Satellite Swap

August 16, 2020
Summer 1997
a picture of a weathered house with a satellite dish mounted to its side by Alexander Shustov My fascination with taking things apart and rewiring them goes way back. I did so out of curiosity, a desire to cause mischief or for fun. As I mentioned in another story, I burned through eight babysitters in my childhood, having been quite a handful. After [#a0p54p] moved out of the neighborhood, [#a6l10m] was on the hunt for another babysitter, and I had to stay home while this occured, much as she didn't want me there. I guess you could say she was right to be worried. I don't condone her use of corporal punishment, but I was nonetheless a handful.
When she was out and about, I rigged the front door sensor to sound off whenever the door was ajar (this would indicate that someone has entered the house). I would then stop whatever I was doing and head back to my room. While she was gone, I had ventured into the kitchen to retrieve some spare coaxial cables so I could rig the boxes in my room and her's so I could watch what she was watching when I pulled out my access card. I would do this every night, and some of the content I watched I likely should not have.
One day, I lost my access card. I heard they weren't cheap to replace, and this is when [#a6l10m] discovered my tampering. She was livid. She then figured out why I had the sensor at the door, and she immediately detached the sensor and put it in the attic, which, at age seven, was too high for me to reach. She was kind enough to let me watch my Saturday morning cartoons, but when the card came, she removed the entire TV and box from my room for the next month. Now if only we could do that with cell phones.
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