Round The Trash

March 4, 2020
Spring 2002
a picture of a chrome colored waste basket with a crumpled up yellow loose leaf paper in it by Steve Johnson, courtesy Unsplash Steve Johnson After I was caught stealing a prismatic night light cover from [#p3k91c], staff had been largely fed up with me and wanted an outlet by which to punish me. I had ramped up my journaling of harassment from my peers in the months following my outing, and it made some staff uneasy. They weren't happy that I had shared my concerns with [#a2e67g], who had begun asking questions on my behalf. They figured out I was sharing the journals with her, and wanted to destroy them so I could not.
One day, possibly in the middle of May (shortly after I abused #p8m93b ), I went to my room to find [#a2l68m], [#a5g62d], and [#a0i59a] going in and out of my room with large black trash bags. They indiscriminately threw away many of my items as they searched for my journals (some of which I had stashed in the belly of my mattress). I asked them for a new mattress that same week and they refused, so as to punish me. My best use of reverse psychology yet. One of the items they threw away was this perpetual calendar, which I finally got reunited with on March 5th.
I know that I was a pain to the adults around me. When you fight fire with fire, the house ultimately burns down. The adults in the room were just as immature as me. Yes, I did keep track of their movements using a schedule with pseudonyms in place of their real names. No, I do not regret it. These people ignored my needs for so long, they chose to double down on their abusive behavior rather than understand why I am this way (which Wetmore did a better job of doing). If I had an opportunity to redo the scenario, I would have not only kept track of them, I'd have booby-trapped the room.
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