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June 24, 2019
~June 21, 2019
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“So this is what the ghosting process must look like when a Walmart goes bust,” I thought to myself.
The CDTA Stop in question.
Recycling is the one good way we can ensure our stuff gets re-purposed and doesn’t wind up in a smelly landfill, which tend to be located near residents who don’t always have a say in the process. Unfortunately, the policy is complicated, and sometimes, the process turns some people off and they wind up throwing recyclable items away. I had some used alcohol bottles that I wanted to recycle. I then took the bottles and some used shopping bags to the Glenville Walmart, only to find out that the store was closed due to an outage.
After re-boarding the bus, I glimpsed out the window at the rapidly emptying parking lot. “So this is what the ghosting process must look like when a Walmart goes bust,” I thought to myself. By the time our bus departed, only twenty-five percent of the parking spaces were still occupied. I then called the Rotterdam Walmart to see if they were open. They said yes, and seemed to be aware of the outage at Glenville. At least it’s no lost business for Walmart. I’m not too sure about the employees, though. I made it to the Rotterdam Walmart at about 11:50 AM.
I was relieved. I finally get to recycle the bottles I had been hauling. Little did I know, those policy complications were about to kick in. After reaching out to a nearby associate who said she knew nothing, I decided to wait in line at the customer desk. It took about fifteen minutes for me to finally make it to the front. I was then told this by an associate:
“Our recycling machines are not programmed to accept products that have not been purchased at our stores. We cannot process them manually. However, you may try the nearby Rotterdam Hannaford or Rotterdam Price Chopper to see if your needs can be met at this location.”
Most people would throw their hands up with that explanation. I decided to take Diane’s advice and cross the parking lot of the abandoned Staples to the other side of the plaza. I walked in to the store and realized that the machine was full. Also, someone was in front of me. After an associate emptied the tank, and after the person in front of me emptied their bags (ten minutes later), I finally got fifty-five cents off the bottles I recycled.
I was informed by a Rotterdam Hannaford Associate about the voucher policy:

“Your recycling vouchers cannot be used in self check-out. You may only use them at a staffed check out aisle.”
Whether it’s the DMV or DSS, the system makes it harder than it should be, and I always wonder if that’s by design. But I can’t wrap my head around who benefits from this. But if you can, let me know about it. If you have a similar experience, share it if you can. Also, follow up on Yelp, where I will summarize this information in my review of the Rotterdam Walmart.

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