How I Quit Google | Year Three

January 18, 2020
Spring 2018
a render of G*****'s New York Headquarters by Arthur Osipyan, courtesy Unsplash, colored blue Arthur Osipyan The completion of this third and final step requires the user to ignore the dynamics of the "network effect". This is the effect that allowed Facebook and G***** to grow to their current sizes, largely because you hit that [🔃Share] button and sent it to your friends. If you plan on migrating, you need to let them know, and you shouldn't hesitate if they decide not to join you. You'll find new friends where you're headed, typically. The network effect I was still captive to was Google+, which shuttered on April 2019. Once that was said and done, I had officially decoupled from every G***** service. I have archived the communities I moderated and will list them under Projects.
You should also take greater responsibility over the control of your data, and share less of it over G***** infrastructure. You can still keep some stuff up to date, and you will need to shift from integrations (covered in Part One) to explicit forwarding or exporting your messages. As of May 30, 2022, you cannot use IMAP or POP to retrieve messages anymore. In the past, I got some email in my inbox pleading me to use their app. That is nagware. That's when I started looking into custom email hosting.
Custom email hosting is when you use paid email instead of free email, or you host your own. We have a tutorial for that if you are interested. It's something businesses use, but they accept individuals, too. Outlook also has an inexpensive paid version for those who don't want to migrate. They also have robust Exchange client tools that will enhance your GMS-free Android experience (like custom name headers on your outgoing mail and message footers so you don't have to re-type them). If you're an Office 365 customer, see if Ad-Free Outlook is already available (personal tenants only). If you use custom email, you can use the company's domain or buy your own. This website is a custom domain also used for my email.
The reason I am recommending these steps are because once a company corners a market, they may start making user-hostile changes. It is important to have alternate providers handy, whether you are a business or an individual. Be prepared to lose connectivity on a larger scale as you fully implement these steps, as G****e might deprioritize mail sent from alternative domains, which could include sending the messages you send to spam. When choosing a new email service, CC that new email with existing emails your contacts know about for at least ninety days. Also, if the provider allows it, you can use them as a backup relay by adding specific information to your domain's zone record. Ask them how.


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