PBX Lost

January 10, 2020
Summer 2007
a render of a wall phone by Jörgen Berglund, courtesy Unsplash It was end of the summer, and I had just been scolded by my clinician, [#a3l58e], after violating yet another of my peers. She told it to me straight, and I frustrated her so much, she placed her reading glasses down on the desk to the point one of the lenses popped out. Amidst that, we laughed for a moment. The moment caught me by surprise, and I swore to do better. I would disappoint her yet again.
I was upstairs on the second floor of Fernbrook, with a staff member, [#a1c02u] who had split three of my peers off from the events downstairs so that we could get items to keep ourselves occupied. I was looking for something else entirely - a manual for the Avaya corded phones that I could use to enable shortcut keys on the unused buttons on the phone's console. Despite having the instruction manual, things were about to get ugly.
As I later realized, such shortcut keys require forwarding settings to be configured, and the Avaya phones had two distinct forwarding types - internal (phone-to-phone, within the campus) and external (any calls made outside). My inability to recognize this distinction caused trouble for the entire campus phone system, which ultimately was replaced the following month. Of course, I was written up for property destruction, and the staff member that oversaw that destruction was "reassigned". Normally, property destruction carries a 48 hour restriction, but given the damage, the director, [#a1c72r], extended it for the whole workweek. I saw it as harsh at the time, but in hindsight, I earned that.
My lack of discipline and control cost an entire campus their phone system, which could spell trouble when you're located in the middle of the wilderness. My actions endangered the ability of the campus to keep in touch with the outside, and the ability of family and friends to check in with the loved ones who were my peers. Despite sharing this story with Yonkers Service Center employees, they trusted me to make their phone system work for them, trust I did not squander this time around.

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