My Last Holiday

March 18, 2020
March 16, 2020
a picture of the Schenectady Amtrak Station from an article by Progressive Railroading I am really glad that I was able to get away from New York City before things got really bad. However, I had to leave certain property items behind as it was not financially feasible for me to bring everything up while relying solely on public transport. I had several resources I needed access to that would allow me to better tell the stories I am about to tell in the coming weeks. But let's focus on the trip I took on March 16, 2020. If you are a health worker who needs to know where I was on that day, I've compiled a handy manifest of my trip you won't find on G*****'s Timeline (because I brought a dumb phone to the city). I had a lively conversation about the city's breakdown with [#p2y86z], who was accompanied by her spouse and a small child.
However, a passenger, [#p3j89o] tried pulling an Agent Smith on me and I swiftly stated "People are being misled. I don't say this because I'm trying to scare people, I'm saying this because I care. Don't Agent Smith me." I then decided to call [#p3j60o] and let him know I was en route. He suggested I call the Bee-Line hotline to see if the 7 was getting curtailed if I was concerned about the medical martial law in New Rochelle. I got in touch with [#a2s78u] who told me no plans were made yet to curtail the 7, but they were being talked about. I relayed this information to [#p3j60o] and prepared for disembarking.
I forgot to turn my phone off when I got off the train, and within minutes, I see an AMBER Alert from New Jersey. That instilled great vibes right away. The moment I exit the station, I feel this pressing sensation all over my body, as if I'm being smudged by multiple cotton rollers in a car wash, but I'm the car. I notice a big 'ol 5G antenna perched right above the park. The birds are acting weird, perching on things they'd normally avoid, their feathers constantly ruffling. I notice a non-chalant attitude all around me. Some are aware, but most are smoking their troubles away. The stench of tobacco and weed intermixes in the vilest combination I've yet smelled since Mott Avenue.
I arrive uphill at the C.H. Martin, and I meet my former neighbor, [#p3j60o]. We bring each other up to speed, I mention the impending distance learning model for my class. "But what about the non-tech degrees, Eric?" "I'm concerned about those, too. I hope they'll be all right." [#p3j60o] then says, "You wanna find somewhere to eat?" I say, "Wait, New Rochelle is in military lockdown and restaruants in the Exurb band are still open?" [#p3j60o]: "Wait, really?" I said "Yes, they've got a nasty strain apparently. Let's not spend much time in the restaurant so I can get back here to catch my bus."
I have a toasted bagel, he has mashed potatoes with gravy. It sets him back $8. He pays in cash. We walk back to C.H. Martin. I tell him this story I heard on a dark humor livestream about a leaked Chinese Medical Examiner's report about a person's lung composition, how they resembled glue upon death. I remarked that flinching over Asian-Americans was gross oversight not because of xenophobia, but because the virus does not discriminate on the basis of skin color, but rather respiratory health. "This is a bad year to be a smoker, [#p3j60o]. I kinda feel bad for them."
Please read the manifest to better understand this part. After closing up shop with CapitalOne and Stop N Stor for the last time, I head back up via the 52 North and 7 West. On the 52 North, I notice a passenger passing judgment on my appearance and she privately remarks "I bet you he doesn't wash his hands," as if I'm not there. I promptly engage with her and state "Despite my disheveled look, I haven't been undomiciled for 24 months, and I showered yesterday. Oh, and I paid for these seats. If you have nothing nice to say, please keep it to yourself for the rest of the trip. Thanks." She did not speak again. So much for tolerance. What a load of crap.
While I was waiting at YNY for my train ride home, I couldn't help but notice the demographic change and the explosion in homelessness in the city. At least five people were either begging for change or trying to sabotage the vending machines at the station. Due to my appearance, I was largely left alone (this was by design knowing the psychology of my former fellows) due to my baggage and haggard look. An individual I had accidentally bumped into while hoisting my cart up kept asking for my itinerary details. I told her "I don't share my itinerary with strangers. I do however, need to go North." Another male asked a similar question and I gave the same response.

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