Good Business Sense

June 4, 2019
January 2017
a 3D Windows Maps view of today's retail focus: 📌Rite Aid of 1849 2nd Avenue (№ 04688, 10128). The moment I walked in, my unkempt appearance almost immediately put some people off. I usually said Hello and the sound of my voice often disarmed some. Apparently, I don’t look like how I’m “supposed” to sound. I would usually have a list in my hand and the appropriate payment methods in my pocket. I used to carry my membership cards in my pocket. When I was told by cashiers that a number was all they needed, I decided to leave those in storage.
Today’s moment takes place at a Rite Aid near the 96th St — 2nd Ave Subway Station, served by the and sometimes the . I was meandering through check out and I noticed someone was not moving ahead of me despite the line shortening. Turns out the person was on their phone. I said, “the line is moving forward, can you do the same?” Instead of simply doing so, the person, looking at my appearance, decided to get combative.
I immediately said “I’m not interested in scuffling with you, I don’t have time for this. But if I dial 911, I know who might.” The person stopped making eye contact with me and moved ahead. If I was ever going to get out of the city without a hitch, I needed to keep my nose clean, but still maintain the confidence to put snot-nosed hipsters in their place. To be honest, he was much better dressed than I was, and if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d approach the situation with the same bias.
Now, I’m just the kind of guy who has had a hard time letting things go. My experiences changed me to a degree. I was always told that I could never hope to change my ways because I couldn’t see my issues from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in. I might have an ego, but in New York City, mine is dwarfed by the antics of others. I now know why people considered me so annoying, and I will work harder to curb mine.
That day, I was buying replacement gloves and a bag of chips. I left my EBT card in another secure location that night to avoid the temptation of buying extra sweets. I would often frequent the 7-eleven across the street and give in, but it had suddenly closed the previous week. Probably a code violation or maybe they were hiring people they shouldn’t have. I did business with that location about once every five weeks, but only if I was in the Upper East Side. I checked out of that Rite Aid, and proceeded to enter the subway system.
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