A Fare Evasion Trolling

July 9, 2019
Summer 2015
Although this trip occurs in the future, I created it to represent a trip that occurred in the past. HERE Technologies This story focuses on a return trip from a storage facility where I was keeping my items. It takes place in the Summer of 2015, where I was still struggling to find my footing after pushing away my social workers for their gross incompetence. I look back at this as a mistake, but how I acted in that moment mattered, and I don’t regret those actions. Please, do not try this on your local bus. About a few stops from the bus depot at Saw Mill River Road, a young lady boarded the bus and proceeded past the fare box without paying. I see this happen often, especially in new York City. I would normally look it over. The operator tried to get her attention and she decided to posture him instead. He broke off and the route continued.
I then decided to pick up where the operator left off (no mistake made yet). She decided to roll her eyes dismissively. I then decided to make blank stop requests until she decided to pay her fare (this is where I went too far). My actions irritated two male passengers, who were not assertive in their request for me to stop. They then got out of their seats, postured me as they asked me to stop (I did not). They then got physical.
Holding on to a nearby pole was my initial reaction, to secure my footing. I also tried to loosen their grip by using my free leg to kick the person tugging me. However, they had both my legs at that point, and I could not hold on any further. They had separated me from my backpack (which I use to store my first aid and other provisions), and ultimately decided to close the gap between myself and my bag. I was then thrown on the street at a nearby bus stop.
They prevented me from re-boarding by standing in front of the door, and tried to goad the operator into driving off. The operator did not, and decided to call his supervisor. The aggressors decided to further harm me as other passengers on the bus cheered them on. Some of my former neighbors eventually made it to the scene, and convinced them not to. They then fled the scene.
I waited for the supervisor to arrive and provided the above account. The supervisor did NOT approve of my trolling the stop tape. The supervisor did not approve of me being physically manhandled, either, and I provided the descriptions of the individuals who assaulted me. The supervisor then interviewed the other passengers, who shamelessly stated I deserved my assault. When the next #8 bus arrived behind the one I was on, he allowed me to board, and I made it to Mt. St. Vincent without incident.
In the grand scheme of things, I would have been arrested if those two men had not one-upped me. Under Bee-Line policy, I would have been the unruly passenger and subsequently arrested. Because the aggressors surpassed the threshold I initially established, the supervisor did not believe I should have been detained.

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