An Evans Experimentation

January 9, 2020
Summer 1998
a Zillow file photo of 99 Evans Avenue in Freeport, Nassau County, New York. 🏠 Zillow .
I stayed at[#a0p54p]'s residence in between the time I got out of school and the time it took for my foster mother, [#a6l10m], to return from work. I was in the movie room, watching the typical mix of Disney VHS tapes made available in the caddy next to the TV. I was typically ignorant of the tapes on the bottom shelf, which were meant for older (but not adult) audiences. One day, when [#p2c39c] and [#p1t88g] were also over, they ejected the tape I was currently playing and presented a three tape VHS to me. They attendedthe middle school nearby. I was astounded by its size and that piqued my curiosity, and I didn't mind at all that they interrupted my viewing of Pete's Dragon (which to this day I really need to finish).
It was a new release, and it focused on the story of a ship that the captain bragged about as being "unsinkable". As I watched the movie, I noticed a few scenes halfway through that caught my attention and arousal. I asked [#p2c39c] why despite them being female, "why aren't your chests that big?" [#p2c39c] answered, "well, she's in Hollywood and older, and they could be fake." Out of curiosity, I started ogling their upper bodies, but as I reached out to [#p1t88g]'s chest to see what was there, she recoiled and slapped my hand back the moment I made contact. It was an embarrassing moment, and [#p1t88g] left the room. It was at that point that I realized I was not physically attracted to women.
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