A Ditmas Carol

December 1, 2018
a bokeh picture of a christmas ornament by Erin McKenna, courtesy Unsplash Erin McKenna New York City Transit has gone through some stuff. I don't see it getting better. Even if I was well off, I would never move back to New York City. I've seen and experienced too many bad things to justify it.
🎼 ’twas the stop before Stilwell, And all through the bend,
Signal problems galore, kept us in Gravesend 🚦🚩
🗑 All the trash on the tracks was thrown without care,
And it wasn’t too long before things became aflare. 📛😲
🚉 The employees were bitter, amid union pleas
“We’re sick of riders who do as they please”
We plan to strike soon, wait & see 😠
😰 When word got around that the fare would go up,
A small group of ruffians said “that’s enough,
Many New Yorkers already have it rough” 💸
👋 The @MTA said, with an old, sly grin,
😏We’ll hold public hearings and invite them in,
Say the trustees with #twofaced grins 🤥
Little did the attendees know, 🔕
That their hard pressed ideas would never get the go, 💡
📈As the agency debt was luggage that would grow
Then one night, tragedy appeared 💥
It wasn’t much different from the nine this year 💀
The Seventies dramas felt so near,
🚇Rusty rails, and lead-tainted benches,
platforms full of begging wretches, 🙏
📱 and lunatics bopping iPhoner’s with wrenches,
Smells that ruin your Christmas cheer, 🤮
👞 don’t step in that, that guy peed here,
speculation becomes palpable fear, 😨
You ask yourself, if the fare is this high,
why do these stations smell like sty’s?
the wretches swept only when the Mayor passes by,
🤔 and what is the point of a renovation,
that cannot promote the impaired’s ambulation?
Things will not get better, you see,💔
💨an upcoming era in which the richest flee,
until the MTA learns, you’ll never be free.
For those of you still clinging to hope that things will get better, you couldn't be more wrong. I try to see the best in people, but it's difficult to do that if the people we place faith in are just too messed up.
- 🚏
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