The Day The Brakes Failed

January 8, 2020
Summer 2017
a picture of the Ⓑ train as it enters a station. Photo by Alex Braga on Unsplash. The summer of hell was truly something else. As someone who had to put up with the consequences directly, I often wondered when I would be the one in a derailment. My luck was enough to avoid such tragedy, but the same cannot be said for others. Readers must understand that deep down, the MTA is not interested in fixing the problems it has created. It is fighting lawsuits that are attempting to hold it accountable and is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act 400-plus stations over.
On a summer morning as we crossed the Manhattan Bridge, the conductor informed us that the brakes had failed on our train, and that it was going to go out of service at Grand St (the upcoming stop on this train proceeding into Manhattan). I just wish they hadn't announced it as we were crossing a body of water. It was careless and insensitive and I'm sure I'm not the only one whose heart skipped a beat when that happened.
We got off the train, but were forced to wait for about ten minutes for another train to arrive. For those who needed service along Sixth Avenue, it didn't matter whether the or arrived first, but confusion reigned, and some exited the station to book UBERs. The system is the way it is because they have no real plan. If Albany finally decides to fund this plan, it will trigger an even larger exodus from New York State as no reasonable New Yorker would want to be left on the hook for the boroughs' mistakes.
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