Beyond Noseblind

July 27, 2020
Winter 2008
a picture of six differently colored bear themed candles tucked in between a folded paper towel by Glen Carrie, courtesy Unsplash I prattle too much about the bad moments in my life, and I believe stories that balance that out are necessary on my site. This story would count as a benign misadventure. It was getting colder, the holidays were around the corner and I wanted to try one of those festive safety candles (the ones that automatically extinguish once there's no fuse. The commercial was very convincing, and in turn I was able to convince [#a0r54l] to join us on a field trip to the Prime Outlets In Lee to see if their Yankee Candle had any.
Once we walked into the store, the scents of at least several differently placed, but similarly festive candles greet you with their pleasant aroma. The candles each seemed exotic in their own way, like the names of each crayon in a 200-piece set. They looked similar, but when you did strokes with them, you realized they were quite different.
It was very easy for me to be distracted back then, and with all the stimuli in the store, I felt compelled to sniff every candle that interested me. Other than veering off task, it rendered me noseblind. It turns out I wasn't the only one hypnotized by it all. [#a0r54l], either because she appreciated the candles as much as I did or because she was making a sympathetic ploy, also claimed to have gone noseblind that same trip.
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