Bats Live Here?

April 1, 2020
Summer 2006
a picture of several fruit bats in vegetation during the day by Hans Veth, courtesy Unsplash Hans Veth One night around 8 PM, likely after I was put on Restriction for what I did to the phone system, I heard a loud thump against the window and something fuzzy beating against the frame. It scared me a bit, and [#a6m62r] said to me, "it's just a bat. You can go back to sleep now." I said, "Wait. Bats live here?" He replies, "Well, yes, we operate in the middle of nowhere, are routinely visited by bears, white-tailed deer and the occasional angry neighbor. Of course we have bats. Now go to sleep."
I decided the following month to do some research on bats. After completing an assignment for my Science class, I asked [#a2m49m] if I could do something else. "As long as it's science related and you don't try to eat it, then yes." I said, "Any books on bats or bird migration?" She said, "try the shelf to your left. They're probably buried down there. We haven't organized it in a while." I decided to pore over the Doring-Kindersley edition of the book because it was closest to the top. We covered an assignment on whales prior and the companion DVD was misplaced in the book about bats.
I discovered that certain species of bat are actually pollinators. Given the diverse flora and fauna of our 32-acre slice of the world, I found it easier to understand why it was around. I took various pictures of the flowers that surrounded our campus, and I plan to make them available as prints on my DeviantArt page in the coming weeks. Some of the images, however, are not mine, and as such, will not be released unless I have the permission of the individuals who took those photos.
I learned about a mold that was killing off bats (the forum thread is still up, apparently). Bats play a role in the Upstate ecosystem, and their death could be seen as environmentally disruptive. It was around this time that I really took the time to appreciate the environment around me, as I'm sure it wouldn't always be there if it were for those who perennially ruin it later on.
You shouldn't eat bats. Not necessarily because it's backward and gross, but because it constitutes a form of ecocide in which you literally hunt an essential species to extinction.
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