A Familial Agitation

December 30th, 2019
~May 2015
a picture of the East 105th Street station in Summer 2017. Old Habits die hard. I thought I could trust my family members during my time of need. Looks like I was about to learn the same lesson Melissa hadn't until it was too late for her. Late February, I stopped by my aunt's in Brooklyn shortly after I got my repreive from the Ossining Town Constable that I could stay the worth of my security deposit, giving me five additional weeks to plan for what was next. I wanted my aunt to be in the loop on those plans, since I was quickly losing trust in The Children's Village as it became apparent to me how incompetent they were (I did not yet know that my aunt was colluding with them, and that CV was making house calls to my landlord).
I let her know what transpired, and set up a date in April where we could follow up and decide what's next. The time she specified was 10 PM, because she would be home before heading off to work. At the time, my aunt worked as a private security concierge for Deloitte, so I agreed to the late hour. However, when I arrived, I was told she canceled at the last minute by my Uncle-in-Law Keith, who became upset when I asked him to clarify why she backed out.
Keith admitted to coercing her to back out from offering me any assistance. He said he had no interest in me and would start intercepting any calls I made to Eleanor unilaterally. For some reason he started to yell, even though I was close enough for him not to. I was aware that he had a heart condition, and reminded him to take it easy, in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. I decided to walk away to the nearby KFC.
Later that week, I received a frantic call from my grandmother, who informed me that my aunt had filed a police report against me for the interaction the night before. I told Grandma that I never made contact with her, and that my inquiries were intercepted by Keith. I then told her that the visit was planned (a detail Eleanor left out) and that she had no say in the matter because of Keith. I told her that I was going to clear things up with the 69th PCT personally.
That same week, a shooting maniac in DC with ties to Canarsie was on the loose. Reporters huddled around the complex, and the posture of the officers was tense. I wanted them to have one less thing to worry about. As I entered, they asked if I was a reporter, and I said "No". I continued: "I believe you received a call from [Address Protected] from [My Aunt] regarding a disturbance." They looked at me intently. "How do you know that...?" I replied: "because 'I' was the disturbance. The situation was misrepresented. I was originally called to the area by the filer."
I then explained everything that transpired from March 18th, 2015 to that moment. They seemed to be OK with it, and they allowed me to leave without asking further questions. That same hour, my aunt Jenine called me with the same concern Grandma had. I told her that I had cleared the air and that they would be closing the ticket created by my aunt as my visit rendered it meritless. That same weekend, I started getting closer to my grandmother, and she shared a few stories that helped me appreciate her better.

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