12 Days of Christmas | RSVP Edition

April 24, 2020
December 4, 2009
PhotoFunia Sing the song as you would, incrementing one number up and making your way back down. These...are based on true stories, some of which I was either in thick of or the cause. Gotta start somewhere. Originally written with [#a7m54y] in mind, bless his soul. On the first day of Chistmas my super gave to me...
(And) a bear hug done with glee.
2chicken wings,
4 cars-a-rushin',
5 golden pens!
6 students laying,
7 days-a-workin',
9 students dashing,
10 neighbors groaning,
11 tardy keypads,
12 tan sheets.
This is a modified version. Find the original here.
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