My Campaign Against G*****

G***** permeates so much, including brands I still do business with. Reluctantly.
Without G*****, you lose 40 percent of the Android experience. But what still works?
G***** is difficult to avoid. We trust them with our most intimate moments, our home security, personal thoughts, files, and whereabouts. G***** also has an agenda that far exceeds what they are doing to conservatives. G***** must be treated as a publisher if free thought is to survive. G***** has the ability to set standards due to its size and dominance, and such standards can easily be skewed to squeeze out competition.
Each of the drop-downs above focuses on a specific category of criticism. From a cybersecurity standpoint, you should never rely on a single provider for all your needs, no matter how easy they make it. Each story ends with a ๐Ÿ†™ icon. Click it to return to this page. You can also use Accesskey 'q'.
It doesn't have to be this way.