Blogs and Prose

November 📻 12 Days Of Christmas - RSVP Edition
July 🌝 Bed-Stuy Notes
December 🔔 Ditmas Carol
June 🛍 Good Biz Sense
🖨 Tech Commandments
♻ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
July 🃏 Fare Evasion Trolling
December 🩹 Connotation of Bandannas
❄ Braving The Cold
👔 Unemployable - Return to Sender
🚔 Familial Agitation
January 👒 Tales From The East
☎ Who's Phone Is It Anyway?
💊 Charge of the Light Withdrawal
💅🏻 Appeal of Grease
🚇 Day The Brakes Failed
🏚 Three Years a Vagabond - I
🎓 Three Years a Vagabond - II
🩺 Three Years a Vagabond - III
🌸 Tale of Two Withdrawals
🔬 Forgetting Eric's Medicaid
March 🗽 My Last Holiday
🌄 Benign Backdrops
April 🦇 Bats Live Here?
🏡 Day My World Stopped Standing
🍗 BBQ Friday's
May 🍔 Big Fat Buyer
June 🐚 The Pink Damper
🥐 Danish Greed
🆗 The Tanglewood Take
🧱 Ye Old Brick
July 💻 Sticky Keys
🕯 Beyond Noseblind
August 📡 The Satellite Swap
September 🔎 Sent Home To Die

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