My Campaign Against G*****

G***** controls 40% of the OS market.
G***** controls 92% of the search market.
G***** controls 64% of the browser market.
G***** is difficult to avoid. We trust them with our most intimate moments, our home security, personal thoughts, files, and whereabouts. G***** also has an agenda that far exceeds what they are doing to conservatives. G***** must be treated as a publisher if free thought is to survive. G***** has the ability to set standards due to its size and dominance, and such standards can easily be skewed to squeeze out competition.
Each of the drop-downs above focuses on a specific category of criticism, or which companies rely on G***** too much. From a cybersecurity standpoint, you should never rely on a single provider for all your needs, no matter how easy they make it. Each story ends with a ๐Ÿ†™ icon. Click it to return to this page. You can also use Accesskey 'q'.
Use Accesskey "0" to return to the home page. For more info on how to use this feature, see this article.
It doesn't have to be this way. Alternatives exist, and if I find some that do not depend on Firebase or G***** APIs, I will list them here.
Were you delisted or your domain blacklisted from link sharing? Let me know and I will list your site here.